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Summit Speech Therapy – About Us

Summit Speech Therapy is a practice owned by Amanda J. Ahmed, MA, EdM, CCC-SLP. As one of the premier speech pathology practices in the Plano/Allen/Frisco area, Summit can also provide care to area health agencies and educational programs. Our “office” is your home, which takes the guess work out of how to fit in yet another appointment into your schedule, while giving your loved one an alternative to receive speech services where they are most comfortable. We also have an in-house developed approach to planning and therapy which we call FUN- All care plans created must be: Functional, Unique, and Necessary. This formula is the key to seeing quality results using evidence-based practice.

In our practice, clinical evaluations are performed only by fully licensed speech-language pathologists, who have earned a master’s degree and have completed (or are in the process of completing) a Clinical Fellowship Year by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

We also work closely with your other health care providers to ensure continuity of care. These results are conveyed to the referring physician so that together, we can develop an appropriate plan of treatment.

In addition to our speech-language- communicative services, we also provide evaluations and treatment for swallowing by performing bedside swallow evaluations/treatment.

We are professional, comprehensive, compassionate and trusted.

How are we different? The “F.U.N. Philosophy!”

We have created a three-part system to make therapy effective and enjoyable, simply named, FUN! Our therapy is:

Functional: Your loved one will have goals that allow them to communicate across every-day settings effectively, based on your/their input, not based solely from test results.

Unique: Each individual plan and goals are set with your input, not from a “goal bank”, custom-tailored to help you or your loved one succeed.

Necessary: We track progress every session using an in-house data collection system. We decide together when you have reached your goals or need a change in goals. If a refresher therapy session or two is needed, come back!

This formula is the key to seeing quality results using evidence-based practice. There are no contracts for length of private therapy (for example, per month or per x weeks) and no minimum number of sessions. Helping your loved one is our top priority. Call (214 518-5777 or set up a Free Consultation Online.

Learn About Our “F.U.N. Philosophy”